The White Bear 500 Ride to Rid Hunger

Support Pete Ellis as he bikes 500 laps (approx 450 miles) around his block to raise awareness of hunger in his community. All proceeds benefit the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf

"Who is that weird guy that just keeps going around in a circle?" No fair neighbors, I haven't lost it completely; I am training. Why am I training in a big circle? Well, let me tell you; I love cycling. From a ride down the corner, to 412 miles across South Dakota in 25 hours; I love all distances. I also love giving back. If I can get others to give because of disbelief as to why I would do something so wrought with sheer lunacy, the better.

On September 9th through the 10th, I will be riding 500 laps around my 0.875 mile block to raise awareness for hunger in our community. This ride will specifically benefit the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf. Serving the community since 1977, the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf provides food and support to neighbors living within the White Bear School District. On any given month, over 600 families visit the food shelf, 7% of the individuals served are seniors and over half are children. Visit to learn more.

"I need to thank you for the food shelf and tell you how deeply I appreciate being allowed to benefit from it. I can stock my fridge and shelves for a month and have money to keep my car running. Because of your graciousness I can feel satisfied, abundantly living out my life."

Please support my ride to rid our community of hunger- $1 donated to the food shelf can purchase up to $8 worth of food!

As a bonus, I will be providing special giveaways for specific donation levels. View the donation levels and thank you.

Thank you for your support!